Kuleni Umbrella Fund

Kuleni Umbrella Fund is a retirement fund where multiple and unrelated employers may join as opposed to a single fund established for one employer only (i.e. a stand-alone fund).

Kuleni Umbrella Fund enables the contributions of various employers and members to be managed in one fund and the greater number of participants allows for cost savings and for delivering true value to the members.

Kuleni Umbrella fund is governed as a single legal entity overseen by an independent board of trustees, whereas the stand-alone funds are governed per employer sponsored retirement scheme.

The over-arching objective is the achievement of an adequate, affordable and sustainable pension arrangement for small to medium employers.

Benefits of joining Kuleni Umbrella Fund:

  • Easy to start pension arrangement for small to medium entities.
  • We have lower fixed and variable costs per member.
  • There will be economies of scale due to that, the cost is shared with other participants. i.e. Audit fees, etc
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