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I want to serve and invest for my retirement.

If you have resigned or plan to resign before retirement age/date or you are dismissed or you are retrenched, and you must withdraw your retirement savings from your pension / provident fund then Kuleni Preservation Fund is the perfect choice for you to preserve and invest your pension monies.

Some of the benefits for preserving and investing your pension monies with Kuleni Preservation Fund are as follows:

  1. No tax is payable on the money transferred.
  2. Kuleni Preservation Fund allows for a full withdrawal or partial withdrawals. If partial, further withdrawals are allowed within three years from the date of transfer and thereafter no further withdrawals may be made in respect of the balance in the Member Share until Retirement, as provided for by the Income Tax Act 24 of 1981.
  3. Partial withdrawals are allowed at any time.
  4. Attractive investment returns.
  5. No withdrawal fees.
  6. Low take on fees.
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